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We are currently accepting sponsored articles in our blog” pyramidfm.com.ng. If you want to sponsor your post and get do-follow backlink from our blog, here are the rules to follow;

  1. A well researched keyword with a very low competition and easy to rank. ( So that it can drive traffic to the page, and add value to your linked url )
  2. The keyword search volume must be 1000 and above monthly search volume.
  3. The content must be 100% ( hundred percent ) unique or original. We don’t accept articles written with auto rewrite softwares.
  4. Your content must have good substitutes and written with good English language.
  5. It must be SEO friendly ( very important )
  6. The content must be based on technology.
  7. The minimum word count must be up to 800 and above words.

That’s all, we also have team of writers that can do the writing for you. Also, you can insert your link in already written article.

All of the above rules will be reviewed before accepting your payment, and publishing your content in our blog.

However, your content shouldn’t take more than’ 24hrs for us to publish it.

You can reach out to us via the contact info, for price list and payment info as well.

Sponsored Links
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