How To Become Palmpay Aggregator And Palmpay Agent

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How To Become Palmpay Aggregator And Palmpay Agent

One of the strategies implemented by the two giant financial technology companies (opay and palmpay) to expand their reach in the company is having aggregators and agents in every location mostly in the urban and few rural areas. With this strategy the company’s today can boast of thousands of new customers and millions of daily transactions. 

So whether you want to become a palmpay agent or become a palmpay aggregator, this is just the article you need.

In this article, you will explore how to become palmpay aggregator and how to become a palmpay agent just by following the procedures provided in this article.

Without much Ado, let’s delve in right now.

How To Become Palmpay Aggregator And Palmpay Agent

How To Become A Palmpay Aggregator And Palmpay Agent
How To Become A Palmpay Aggregator And Palmpay Agent

The following steps will walk you through how to become palmpay aggregator and palmpay agent. However, let’s see the requirements before going to deep.

The following are the requirements to become palmpay agent:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a valid means of identification, such as a National ID card or an International passport.
  • You need to complete the aggregator registration form provided by Palmpay.
  • Familiarity with the PalmPay App for both transaction patterns and user interface (UI) is preferred.

How To Become A Palmpay Aggregator 

Becoming a Palmpay aggregator involves a few steps and requirements provided above. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to become a Palmpay aggregator:

Meet the basic requirements: To become a Palmpay aggregator, you need to meet certain requirements as provided above.

Visit Palmpay Office: You can begin the process by visiting any palmpay office. The best is to visit any of their offices near you.

Financial Capability: Ensure that your business has the financial capability to handle transactions and provide the necessary support for customers.

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Application Process: On getting to the office, you can submit an application to become a PalmPay aggregator or inform any of the officers in the office.

Training: If your application is approved, undergo any training programs provided by PalmPay. 

This often includes familiarization with the PalmPay platform, security measures, and customer service protocols.

Launch Services: Once everything is set up and you have completed the required training, launch PalmPay services in your location. Advertise and promote your status as a PalmPay agent to attract users.

Provide Customer Support: This is essential, you need to offer excellent customer support to users who choose to transact through PalmPay at your location. 

How To Become Palmpay Agent

Becoming a palmpay agent is easier and this can be achieved just within a day.

To get started, ensure you meet the applicable requirements such as having a business in a visible location, be at least 18 years old, have the start up funds and the caution fee which ranges between N20,000 and N60,000.

  • To get the palmpay POS terminal, visit any of their offices or aggregator POS.
  • Request for a pos or the numbers of POS you want.
  • Make the caution fee payment
  • Get it activated while in the office
  • Once everything is in place, launch Kuda Bank services at your location. Advertise and promote your status as a Palmpay agent to attract users.

FAQs On How To Become Palmpay Aggregator And Palmpay Agent

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to become palmpay agent and palmpay aggregator with answers:

How do I become a palmpay agent?

As provided earlier, become a palmpay agent. Firstly you need to meet certain requirements.

Ensure you have the start up capital at hand including the POS caution fee.

Visit their office to get the POS.

How much does PalmPay machine cost?

As you might have known, palmpay has two types of POS which are traditional POS and Android POS.

However, while there is no specific price for the pos, the caution fee for the pos ranges between N20,000 and N60,000 only.

How many agents does PalmPay have?

As for the number of agents that PalmPay has, the exact figure is not publicly disclosed. 

However, PalmPay has a growing network of agents across different regions where their services are available. 

The number of agents depends on the specific location and market reach of PalmPay.

What is PalmPay agent app called?

The PalmPay agent app is called the “PalmPay Agent App.” 

This app is specifically designed for PalmPay agents to manage their activities, process transactions, and provide services to customers. 

Once you become a PalmPay agent, you can download the PalmPay Agent App from the app store and use it to access the agent-specific features and functionalities provided by PalmPay.

How do I complain to palmpay?

To file a complaint with Palmpay, you can follow these steps:

Contact Palmpay through the quickest channels available, such as calling them on their customer support hotline.

You can also log a complaint on the Palmpay app to get a quick response. There is a specific feature or option within the app for filing complaints.

Write a well-composed complaint indicating your problem. 

You can send an email to

Make sure to clearly explain the issue you are facing.

If you prefer, you can also reach out to Palmpay’s customer support team through their social media channels.

Another option is to chat with Palmpay’s customer support team within the app itself.

What is the palmpay customer care number, email address and office address?

The following are the palmpay customer care number, email address and office address:

Palmpay customer care number: You can contact Palmpay customer support at the phone number +2 341 888 6888.

Palmpay email address: To reach Palmpay via email, you can send a message to

Palmpay office address: Palmpay is headquartered at 20 Opebi Rd, Lagos, Nigeria.

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