How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Quickcheck Account Easily

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How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Quickcheck Account Easily 

Quickcheck is one of the long existing loan apps in Nigeria where you can get a loan between N1,500 and N1,000,000 without collateral or any paperwork.

Have you gotten the loan needed and made your repayment then decided to close, delete or deactivate your account? If yes, this article will walk you through the process.

In this article, we’ll be exploring detailed guides on how to close, delete or deactivate your quickcheck account easily. Before that, I’d like the new users to understand how the loan app works and understand the must know before deleting their accounts.

Now let’s begin by starting with how the quickcheck loan app works.

How does Quickcheck loan app work?

Quickcheck is a mobile lending platform that provides quick and convenient loans to individuals in Nigeria. 

The app uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to assess the creditworthiness of users and determine their eligibility for a loan. Here is a step-by-step guide on how Quickcheck loan app works:

Download and Install: Start by downloading the Quickcheck loan app from the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users. Install the app on your mobile device.

Registration: Open the app and register with your personal details, including your name, phone number, email address, and BVN (Bank Verification Number). BVN is required to verify your identity and access your credit history.

Loan Application: Once registered, you can proceed to apply for a loan within the app. The loan application process requires you to provide additional information such as your employment details, monthly income, and expenses.

Credit Assessment: Quickcheck uses its proprietary algorithms to analyze the information provided during the loan application process. 

This includes evaluating your credit history, income level, employment status, and other relevant factors to determine your creditworthiness.

Loan Approval: After completing the credit assessment, Quickcheck will notify you whether your loan application has been approved or rejected. 

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If approved, you will receive details regarding the loan amount, interest rate, repayment duration, and any associated fees.

Loan Disbursement: If you accept the loan offer, Quickcheck will disburse the funds directly into your bank account linked to the app. 

The disbursed amount is usually deposited within minutes or hours of approval.

Loan Repayment: Repayment of the loan is typically done through automatic deductions from your bank account on the agreed-upon due dates. 

Quickcheck provides flexible repayment options ranging from a few days to several months, depending on the loan amount and terms.

Credit Score Improvement: Quickcheck also offers users the opportunity to improve their credit scores over time by making timely repayments.

A good repayment history can increase your chances of accessing higher loan amounts and better interest rates in the future.

Must Know Before Deleting My Quickcheck Loan App Account 

Before deleting your Quickcheck loan app account, there are a some important things you need to consider:

Outstanding Loan: If you have an outstanding loan with Quickcheck, you must ensure that it is fully repaid before closing your account. 

Failure to repay the loan may result in negative consequences, such as damage to your credit score or legal actions.

Impact on Credit History: Closing your Quickcheck loan app account does not automatically erase your borrowing history or credit information.

Your credit history, including any loans taken and repayment behavior, may still be visible to other lenders and credit bureaus.

Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions about closing your account, it is recommended to reach out to Quickcheck’s customer support team for assistance. 

They can provide guidance and address any concerns you may have.

How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Quickcheck Account Easily 

How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Quickcheck Account Easily
How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Quickcheck Account Easily

Begin the process of closing, deleting or deactivating your quickcheck account easily by getting in touch with the quickcheck customer support. Do this by locating their contact information right from the website or app. 

Do you find the contact details? If yes, proceed by contacting Quickcheck’s customer support via phone call, email, or any other available communication option you found. 

Now, explain that you would like to close, delete, or deactivate your account, why  you decided to close it and provide them with relevant details such as your registered phone number or email address.

The customer support representative will walk you through the account closure process. They may ask for additional information to verify your identity and ensure the security of your account.

Once the closure process is complete, ask for confirmation that your Quickcheck loan app account has been successfully closed, deleted, or deactivated. It is advisable to keep a record of this confirmation for future reference.

FAQs On How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Quickcheck Account Easily

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to close, delete or deactivate your quickcheck account easily with answers:

How much can I borrow from QuickCheck?

QuickCheck is a loan app that provides instant loans to individuals in Nigeria.

The amount you can borrow from QuickCheck depends on several factors, including your creditworthiness and repayment history. QuickCheck offers loans ranging from N1,500 to N1,000,000.

Which loan app gives 50000 instantly?

There are several loan apps in Nigeria that offer instant loans up to N50,000. Some popular loan apps that provide this service include:

  1. Carbon (formerly Paylater)
  2. FairMoney
  3. Palmcredit
  4. Renmoney
  5. Branch etc.

These apps have simplified loan application processes and provide quick access to funds.

Which loan app is suspended in Nigeria?

The loan app known as Joy Cash has been suspended in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) took this action due to concerns over unethical practices and high-interest rates charged by the platform.

Can a loan app block my BVN?

No, a loan app cannot block your Bank Verification Number (BVN). 

The BVN is a unique identifier linked to your bank account and personal information. It is primarily used for identity verification and fraud prevention purposes. 

Loan apps may require you to provide your BVN during the application process, but they do not have the authority to block or manipulate it in any way.

Which 18 loan apps are active in Nigeria?

The following 18 loan apps are currently active in Nigeria:

  1. OKash
  2. Aella Credit 
  3. CashBean
  4. Branch
  5. FairMoney
  6. Carbon (formerly Paylater)
  7. Palmcredit
  8. Sokoloan
  9. Kobogo 
  10. QuickCheck
  11. Nice on Naira 
  12. KiaKia
  13. Aella Credit
  14. Renmoney
  15. XCredit
  16. Migo 
  17. 9Credit

Is OKash loan app banned in Nigeria?

No, the OKash loan app is never banned or suspended by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 

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