How To Get Opay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

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How To Get Opay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

The OPay ATM Card, Debit Card is available, allowing you to enjoy numerous benefits and earn cashback on your transactions. 

In this article, I  will walk you through how to get Opay ATM card, debit card and account number including the highlighting of some of its exclusive features.

However, before going too deep into exploring how to get Opay ATM card, debit card and account number, kindly take your time to check some of the features provided.

Features of OPay Card

The OPay Debit Visa Card comes with several exclusive features that make it a convenient and rewarding payment option:

Versatile Usage: With the OPay Debit Card, you can make purchases via point-of-sale (POS) terminals, online platforms, and ATMs across Nigeria and other supported countries. 

Whether you’re shopping at your favorite local store or making online payments, the OPay Debit Card is accepted at numerous merchants.

Instant Access: Another essential feature is that the card provides instant access to your OPay account, allowing you to conveniently manage your funds. You can easily check your balance, view transaction history, and transfer funds using the OPay app.

Acceptance Nationwide: The OPay Debit Card is accepted at various locations across Nigeria, making it a widely accessible payment solution. 

Whether you’re in Lagos, Abuja, or any other city in Nigeria, you can rely on your OPay Debit Card for seamless transactions.

Lost Card Liability: Enjoy peace of mind with the zero lost card liability feature, which ensures that you are not held responsible for unauthorized transactions if your card is lost or stolen. 

If you happen to misplace your card or it gets stolen, you can quickly report it to OPay to protect your funds.

Cardholder Inquiry Service: OPay provides a dedicated cardholder inquiry service to assist you with any questions or concerns related to your debit card. 

If you have any inquiries about your card, transactions, or cashback rewards, you can easily reach out to OPay’s customer support for prompt assistance.

Lost/Stolen Reporting: In the unfortunate event that your card is lost or stolen, OPay offers a simple and efficient reporting process to protect your funds. 

By reporting the loss or theft of your card, OPay can take immediate action to secure your account and prevent any unauthorized transactions.

Owealth Interest: By keeping funds in your Owealth account, you can earn more than 15% interest annually, allowing your money to work for you. 

The OPay Debit Card provides you with the opportunity to grow your savings through attractive interest rates, helping you achieve your financial goals.

Cashback Rewards: The OPay Debit Card offers cashback rewards based on your Owealth balance. 

The more you transact with your card, the greater your cashback earnings. 

This means that as long as you keep using your OPay Debit Card for purchases, you can accumulate significant cashback rewards over time.

No Maintenance Fee: Unlike many traditional banks, OPay does not charge a maintenance fee for its debit card. 

Enjoy the convenience of a debit card without worrying about additional costs eating into your savings. 

With no maintenance fee, you can make the most of your money and use it for the things that matter to you.

Now let’s see how to get Opay ATM card, debit card and account number easily.

How To Get Opay ATM Card, Debit Card And Account Number

How To Get Opay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number
How To Get Opay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

How To Get Opay ATM Card Easily 

For steps on how to get Opay ATM card easily, kindly follow the procedures provided below:

Log in to your OPay App using your credentials. 

  • If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and sign in with your OPay wallet account.
  • Click on the “Me” tab, usually located at the bottom of the screen. This tab contains your account information and settings.
  • Look for the “Request for OPay Debit Card” option and select it. This will take you to the card request page.
  • In the Referral Column, you can enter your invite referral code if you have one. If not, you can skip this step.
  • Choose your preferred identity verification type from the options provided, such as National ID, International Passport, or Driver’s License. Ensure that you have the necessary identification documents ready for the verification process.
  • Select your desired pick-up location for the card. OPay provides various pick-up locations where you can collect your card. Alternatively, you can choose the Express option to have the card delivered to your home or office address for a flat fee of N1000, which includes a delivery fee of N300.
  • Fill in all the necessary details required for the card request accurately. Double-check your information to ensure its accuracy, as any errors may cause delays in processing your request.
  • Make a payment of N700, which covers the ATM card fee. Opay Will provide you with payment options within the app, allowing you to conveniently pay the required fee.
  • Double-check all the provided information, then confirm your request. Review all the details you have entered to ensure they are correct. Once you are satisfied with the information, confirm your request to proceed with the card issuance process.

Once you have successfully requested your OPay ATM Card or Debit Card, it will be processed, and you will receive it shortly. 

The delivery time may depend on your chosen pick-up method. If you opt for the delivery option, make sure to provide a valid and accurate address to ensure successful delivery.

After receiving the card, you need to activate it via the OPay app and complete the activation process at any nearby Zenith Bank ATM. 

Activation instructions will be provided along with your card, and the process is usually straightforward and easy to follow. Now let’s see how to get Opay account number.

How to Get OPay Account Number

An OPay account number is a 10-digit number used to receive payments from other OPay users and other banks in Nigeria. 

It serves the same purpose as a traditional bank account number, allowing you to receive funds and transact with ease. Obtaining your OPay account number is simple, as it is based on your registered phone number. 

Here’s how you can find your OPay account number:

Understand the Format: OPay account numbers are derived from your registered phone number. 

However, you need to remove the first “0” digit from your phone number to obtain your OPay account number.

Locate your Registered Phone Number: Identify the phone number that you used to register your OPay account. 

This is the number linked to your OPay wallet and will serve as your account number.

Remove the First “0” Digit: Once you have identified your registered phone number, remove the first “0” digit from the number. 

Write Down Your OPay Account Number: Take note of your OPay account number for future reference. 

You can use this number to receive payments from other OPay users or transfer funds from other banks.

Remember that your OPay account number is unique to your registered phone number and cannot be changed. 

It is advisable to keep your account number confidential and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals to ensure the security of your funds.

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