How to Set SMS Alert on PalmPay Easily

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How to Set SMS Alert on PalmPay

PalmPay is a popular mobile payment platform that allows users to make transactions, pay bills, and manage their finances without hassle from their smartphones. 

However, as a user who wants to enhance his or her user experience and keep yourself informed about every financial activity on your palmpay account, you may have to activate the palmpay notification to start receiving alerts.

By enabling SMS alerts, users can receive real-time notifications about your transactions, account balances, and other important updates directly on your mobile phones. In this article, I have provided provide a step-by-step guide on how to set SMS alert on PalmPay.

Without having to take your time, kindly delve in right away.

How To Set SMS Alert On Palmpay 

How to Set SMS Alert on PalmPay
How to Set SMS Alert on PalmPay

On how to set SMS alert on palmpay, here are the steps you need to follow:

Login to your PalmPay Account

The first step is to open the PalmPay app on your smartphone and log in to your PalmPay account using your registered phone number and password. 

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be directed to the app’s homepage immediately.

Go to Settings Page 

On the app’s homepage, locate the “ME” tab, usually located in the right-hand section of the app’s footer. 

Tap on it, and you will be redirected to another page usually the setting page.

Access Notification Settings

On the redirected page, look for the settings icon at the top right corner of the app. 

Tap on it, and you will be taken to the notification settings page.

Activate Notifications

Scroll down on the notification settings page until you find the “Notifications” option. 

Tap on it to toggle it “ON.” If the notifications button for receiving alerts is already toggled on, the gear will be on the right side; otherwise, it will be on the left-hand side. 

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Once it is toggled “ON,” you will start receiving SMS notifications for your PalmPay transactions and account activities.

How to Stop Receiving Alerts on PalmPay

If you in the other hand your want to stop receiving SMS alerts from PalmPay, you can easily disable the notifications using the following steps:

Open the PalmPay Mobile App

Unlock your smartphone and locate the PalmPay app icon. 

Tap on it to open the app. Log in to your PalmPay account using your phone number and PIN or fingerprint.

Go To App Settings

Once you are logged in, look for the “ME” tab on the right side of the app. 

Tap on it, and you will be redirected to another section of the app.

Go to Notification Settings

In the new section, tap on the settings icon. 

It is usually located at the top right corner of the app as mentioned earlier. Scroll down until you find the “Notification” button.

Disable Notifications

Tap on the “Notification” button to toggle it off, and when the gear button slides to the left-hand side, it indicates that you have successfully stopped receiving SMS alerts from PalmPay.

FAQs On How to Set SMS alert on Palmpay 

Here are some helpful frequently asked questions on how to Set SMS alert on Palmpay with answers:

How do I activate SMS alerts on OPay?

To activate SMS alerts on OPay, follow these steps:

  • Open the OPay mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the “Me” tab located at the bottom left corner of the app’s footer page.
  • After being redirected to another page, tap on the settings icon at the top right corner.
  • Tap on “SMS alert subscription button to toggle it on. Once it slide to the right hand side then you have activated it successfully.

What is an SMS alert service?

An SMS alert service is a feature provided by financial institutions or mobile payment platforms that send notifications or alerts to users via SMS (Short Message Service). 

These alerts inform users about important activities related to their accounts, such as transaction confirmations, account balances, payment reminders, or security alerts. SMS alert services help users stay updated and informed about their financial transactions conveniently through text messages on their mobile phones.

What is the USSD code for PalmPay?

The USSD code for PalmPay is *652#. Instead of logging into your PalmPay account to carry out transactions, you can use this USSD code to access PalmPay services directly from your mobile phone.

Why I’m I not receiving alert for my palmpay transactions?

If you are not receiving alerts for your Palmpay transactions, there could be several possible reasons for this:

Check your notification settings: Ensure that you have enabled notifications for the Palmpay app on your device. You can usually manage app notification settings in the settings menu of your device.

Verify your contact information: Make sure that the phone number associated with your Palmpay account is correct and up to date. 

If the phone number is incorrect, you may not receive SMS alerts.

Check your Palmpay settings: Within the Palmpay app, is a specific settings related to transaction alerts or notifications. Look for options that allow you to toggle the option “ON” as mentioned earlier.

Can I activate SMS alert on palmpay account?

Yes, it’s very possible and you definitely don’t need the help of a customer representative to help you get it done.

How do SMS notifications work on PalmPay?

When you enable SMS notifications on PalmPay, the platform will send text messages to your registered phone number to provide real-time updates on your transactions and account activities.

These SMS notifications may include information such as transaction amounts, transaction IDs, account balances, successful or failed transaction confirmations, and promotional offers. 

By receiving SMS notifications, you can stay informed about your PalmPay account and promptly address any concerns or take necessary actions related to your financial activities.

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