How To Upgrade FCMB Bank Account Easily (Online And Offline)

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How To Upgrade FCMB Bank Account Easily (Online And Offline)

If you prefer to upgrade your FCMB (First City Monument Bank) bank account offline or online, you can do so by following the steps and guidelines in this article.

This article is primarily about showing you how to upgrade Fcmb bank account easily (online and offline) and every guide you need have been provided there-in.

So without having to take your time, kindly delve in right away to explore the processes, steps and guidelines.

How To Upgrade FCMB Bank Account Easily (Online And Offline)

How To Upgrade FCMB Bank Account Easily (Online And Offline)
How To Upgrade FCMB Bank Account Easily (Online And Offline)

How To Upgrade FCMB Bank Account Easily Offline 

If you desire to upgrade your FCMB account easily offline, following these steps is very essential:

Locate the Nearest FCMB Branch:

To begin the account upgrade process offline, you need to find the nearest FCMB branch in your area. 

You can visit the FCMB website or use online maps to identify the branch closest to you. 

Make a note of the branch address, contact details, and operating hours for your convenience.

Gather the Required Documents: Before heading to the branch, ensure you have the necessary documents. 

You will need a valid means of identification such as an international passport, driver’s license, or national ID card. 

Additionally, prepare proof of address, which can be a utility bill, bank statement, or any official document that shows your residential address. 

It’s advisable to have photocopies of these documents for submission.

Visit the FCMB Branch: Once you have located the branch and gathered the required documents, visit the FCMB branch during their operating hours. 

It’s a good idea to choose a time when the branch is less crowded to minimize waiting time.

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Speak With A Customer Care Officer: Upon entering the branch, you will see a customer service desk or an information counter.

Approach one of the bank representatives and inform them that you would like to upgrade your FCMB bank account. 

They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the required forms to fill out.

Complete the Upgrade Application Form:

The bank representative will provide you with an upgrade application form. 

Take your time to carefully fill out the form, ensuring that all the information provided is accurate and matches the details on your identification document. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask the bank representative for guidance.

Submit the Application and Documents:

Once you have completed the application form, submit it along with the required documents to the bank representative. They will verify the information and documents to ensure everything is in order. 

If any additional documents or information are needed, the representative will inform you at this stage.

Await Account Upgrade Confirmation:

After submitting your application, the bank will process your request to upgrade your FCMB bank account. 

This process may take some time, as the bank needs to review and authenticate the provided documents. 

You will receive a notification from the bank through your registered contact details once your account upgrade is approved and completed.

How To Upgrade FCMB Account Easily Online

To upgrade your FCMB account easily online, kindly follow these important steps:

Simply log in to the app, select the “Upgrade my Account” option, choose the account you want to upgrade, select the preferred account tier, upload the required documents, and submit your application. The bank will review your documents and process your account upgrade request.

Can I upgrade my FCMB bank account online?

Yes. You can definitely upgrade your FCMB Bank account online. To do that, ensure you follow the steps provided earlier.

What is FCMB Tier 3 account?

FCMB Tier 3 account refers to a specific account tier offered by FCMB. 

The tier system categorizes accounts based on the level of features and benefits they provide. 

While the exact details of FCMB’s Tier 3 account depends, it usually offers enhanced features such as higher transaction limits, access to premium services, preferential interest rates, and personalized customer support. 

It is designed to cater to the needs of customers seeking more comprehensive banking solutions.

What is the limit on FCMB easy account?

The limit on FCMB Easy Account is N300,000. 

The FCMB Easy Account is a basic savings account designed for customers who prefer simplicity and ease of use. 

It allows you to conveniently carry out transactions and manage your money while maintaining a maximum balance of N300,000. 

This account is suitable for individuals who do not require the extensive features and benefits of higher-tier accounts.

What is FCMB classic current account?

FCMB Classic Current Account is a type of current account offered by FCMB. 

It is designed to meet the banking needs of individuals and businesses. 

The FCMB Classic Current Account provides features such as checkbook issuance, access to overdraft facilities, and the ability to conduct numerous transactions conveniently. 

It is suitable for customers who require regular and frequent banking transactions.

How do I upgrade my FCMB account?

There are two methods to upgrade your FCMB account: online and offline. For online account upgrades, you can use the FCMB Mobile app. 

Log in to the app, select the “Upgrade my Account” option, choose the account you wish to upgrade, select the preferred account tier, upload the required documents, and submit your application. 

If you prefer an offline upgrade, visit the nearest FCMB branch, inform the bank representative of your intention to upgrade your account, fill out the necessary forms, submit the required documents, and await confirmation from the bank.

What is FCMB Premium Savings Account?

FCMB Premium Savings Account is a type of savings account offered by FCMB. 

It is a higher-tier savings account that provides additional benefits and features compared to regular savings accounts. 

The FCMB Premium Savings Account offers attractive interest rates, priority service, access to premium banking services, and personalized customer support. 

It is suitable for customers who maintain a higher balance in their savings accounts and seek exclusive banking privileges.


Upgrading your FCMB bank account offline is a straightforward process that involves visiting the nearest FCMB branch.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily navigate the process and enjoy the benefits and services that come with an upgraded account.

Remember to bring all the necessary documents and approach the bank representative for any assistance you may require. 

Upgrade your FCMB bank account today and experience enhanced banking services designed to your needs.

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