How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Renmoney Account Easily

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How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Renmoney Account Easily 

In a bid to close, deactivate or delete your Renmoney account, there are certain steps needed to be taken and that is what we shall be looking into in this article. If you have decided to get your Renmoney account shut down, the needful steps and guidelines to follow can be found right in this article.

Before digging deep on how to close, delete or deactivate your renmoney account easily, you may want to be knowledgeable of some reasons that prompt users to close their renmoney account. Some of these reasons can actually be found in the section below.

Reasons for Renmoney users to deactivate their account

Unsatisfactory customer service: Number one common reason why a renmoney user may want to close his or her account is usually because of unsatisfactory customer service.

If a user has experienced poor customer service from Renmoney, they may decide to deactivate their account to avoid further inconvenience.

Unmet financial needs: Another reason lies on unmet financial needs. Users may find that Renmoney does not offer the particular financial products or services they require, prompting them to close their account and seek alternatives.

Account security concerns: In case of security breaches or account compromises, users may choose to deactivate their account to protect their financial information and personal data.

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Better rates and offers elsewhere: Users may discover better interest rates, loan terms, or other financial benefits with competing financial institutions, motivating them to deactivate their Renmoney account.

Discontinuation of services: If Renmoney discontinues a particular service or product that a user relies on, they may decide to deactivate their account to find a more suitable provider.

Unfulfilled loan repayment expectations: If a user has experienced difficulties in repaying their loan on time or has faced issues with loan processing, they may deactivate their account to avoid further frustration.

Changes in financial circumstances: Users may deactivate their account if they experience significant changes in their financial situation, such as job loss or relocation, and no longer require Renmoney’s services.

Now let’s kindly explore How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Renmoney Account Easily.

How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Renmoney Account Easily
How To Close, Delete Or Deactivate Your Renmoney Account Easily

How to Close, Delete, or Deactivate your Renmoney Account Easily

Contact customer support: While it may seem very difficult to close your renmoney loan account, reaching out to Renmoney’s customer support team through their website, email, or phone to request account deactivation would definitely save your time and effort.

Provide necessary information: Once you have chosen to get in touch with them either through email, phone number, or other available options, you need to be prepared to provide your full name, account number, and any other relevant account details to verify your identity.

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Follow instructions: Once you get in touch with them, the customer support team will certainly guide you through the deactivation process, which may involve filling out a form or following specific steps.

Request a final statement: Ask for a final account statement, detailing your account balance, transaction history, and any outstanding fees.

Verify deactivation: Once the deactivation process is complete, confirm that your account has been successfully deactivated and that no further transactions can be made.

Monitor account: Keep an eye on your account for any suspicious activity or unauthorized access after deactivation.

  1. Dispose of sensitive information: Securely dispose of any sensitive account information, such as passwords, usernames, or account numbers, to protect your personal data.

Do you know you can get your Renmoney account reactivated?

How To Reactivate Your Renmoney Account

When you need to reactivate your Renmoney account, it’s essential to follow the appropriate steps and provide the necessary documentation. Here is a guide on how to reactivate your Renmoney account easily and hassle-free:

Contact Renmoney Customer Care

The first step in reactivating your Renmoney account is to contact their customer care team.

They can be reached via phone at 01-2916644, 07036880000, or 08095555555, or through email at

You can also visit their website at and use the contact form provided.

Provide Necessary Documentation

When you contact Renmoney customer care, they will likely request certain documents to verify your identity and confirm the reason for account reactivation. Some of the documents you may need to provide include:

  • A valid form of identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, or national identification card
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement
  • Evidence of income, such as a recent pay stub or bank statement
  • A detailed explanation of the reason for account inactivity
  • Address the Reason for Account Inactivity

Renmoney may have placed a hold on your account due to various reasons, such as late payments or insufficient funds. 

It’s essential to address these issues before requesting account reactivation. Make sure to pay any outstanding debts and bring your account current before contacting customer care.

Wait for Account Reactivation

Once you have provided the necessary documentation and addressed any outstanding issues, Renmoney will review your request. 

They may take a few days to process your reactivation request. Be patient and avoid contacting customer care multiple times, as this may delay the process.

FAQs On How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Renmoney Account Easily

The following are answers to some helpful frequently asked questions on How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Renmoney Account Easily with answers:

How do I qualify for a Renmoney Loan?

To qualify for a Renmoney loan, you must meet certain requirements. Renmoney is a digital lending platform that offers quick and convenient loan services to individuals in need of financial assistance. 

To qualify for a loan with Renmoney, you should:

Be at least 18 years old: You must meet the minimum age requirement to be eligible for a Renmoney loan.

Be a Nigerian resident: Renmoney currently only offers loans to Nigerian residents.

Have a stable source of income: You must have a verifiable source of income, whether it is from employment, self-employment, or other sources.

Have a valid bank account: You need to have an active bank account to receive the loan proceeds and make repayments.

Provide relevant documentation: You will need to provide necessary documents such as your BVN, a valid ID, proof of income, and other relevant information to support your loan application.

Have a good credit score: Renmoney uses credit scoring to evaluate loan applications. A good credit score indicates that you have a history of managing your finances responsibly, which may increase your chances of approval.

By meeting these requirements, you can increase your chances of qualifying for a Renmoney loan..

Who is the owner of Renmoney?

Renmoney Limited is owned by a consortium of investors led by Alpha Africa Asset Management, a subsidiary of African Capital Alliance.

The company was founded in 2012 and has since grown to become a leading digital lending platform in Nigeria.

What is the Renmoney Loan Tenure?

Renmoney offers loan tenures ranging from 6 to 48 months, depending on the loan amount and the applicant’s profile. The loan tenure is the duration for which you have to repay the loan.

 It is crucial to choose a loan tenure that suits your financial situation and enables you to repay the loan without defaulting.

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