How To Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Branch Account Easily 

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How To Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Branch Account Easily 

The Branch loan app is a personal finance app that provides access to instant loans with no physical documentation. 

It is designed to meet the needs of customers who may have little to no credit history or savings.

Branch uses alternative data to offer financial products that people can access anywhere, without the hassle of judgment of traditional institutions. 

The loan amounts range from N2,000 to N500,000, depending on how much you need, and the loan repayment tenure starts from 62 days to 1 year. The monthly interest rates range from 1.7% to 22%, depending on your profile and how much you borrow. You can also perform unlimited transfers for free without any charges. 

However, if you’re no longer interested in using the app or want to temporarily disable your account, the guides in this article are essential to be followed.

In this article, you explore a guide on how to deactivate, close or delete your branch account likewise having knowledge of some other important things you may find helpful. Without further Ado, kindly delve in right away.

How To Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Carbon Account Easily 
How To Deactivate, Close or Delete Your Branch Account Easily

How To Deactivate, Close Or Delete Your Branch Account Easily

Here are the step-by-step guide on how to deactivate, close or delete your branch account successfully:

Contact Branch customer care: The first step in the process is to contact the Branch customer care team. You can send an email to to get in touch with a representative who can help you with your account closure request.

Write an email: When composing the email, make sure to include the following information:
Subject: Clearly state the subject of your email, such as “Request for Branch Account Closure” or “Request to Deactivate/Delete My Branch Account.”
Introduction: Introduce yourself and explain the reason for your email. Mention that you are writing to request assistance with deactivating, closing, or deleting your Branch Account.
Details: Provide specific details about your Branch Account, such as your full name, email address, phone number, and the username or account number associated with your account.
Request: Clearly state your request, whether it is to deactivate, close, or delete your account. 

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Mention any preferences you may have regarding the account closure, such as retaining access to your account for a specific period or transferring any remaining balance to another account.
Acknowledgment: Thank the customer care representative for their assistance and let them know that you are looking forward to their response.

Wait for a response: After sending the email, wait for a response from the Branch customer care team. 

They will likely provide you with further instructions on how to proceed with the account closure process.

Follow the instructions: Once you receive a response from the customer care team, follow their instructions to complete the account closure process. This may include providing additional documentation or verifying your identity.

Monitor your account: Lastly, you may have to keep an eye on your account to ensure that it has been successfully deactivated, closed, or deleted. 

If you notice any issues or have further questions, contact the Branch customer care team for assistance.

FAQs On How To Deactivate, Close Or Delete Your Branch Account Easily

The following are some helpful frequently asked questions on how to deactivate, close or delete your branch account successfully with their respective answers:

Can I close my bank account in any Branch?

Yes, you can close your bank account in any Branch location.

To do this, you will need to contact or send an email to the email address provided earlier in the article and request to close your account.

You may be asked to complete a closing form and provide a valid form of identification. 

Please do note that closing your account may result in the loss of any remaining funds, so ensure you have sufficient time to transfer any outstanding balances to another account before closing.

How do I remove money from my Branch account?

You can remove money from your Branch account by using various methods, including:

ATM withdrawals: Use your Branch debit card to withdraw cash from any ATM that accepts Mastercard.

Point of sale (POS) transactions: Use your Branch debit card to make purchases at any retail location that accepts Mastercard.

Online bill payments: Pay your bills using your Branch account by providing your biller’s information and the amount you want to pay.

Mobile transfers: Transfer money to another account or individual using the Branch app or other mobile banking services.

What happens if I don’t pay my Branch loan?

If you fail to make your Branch loan repayments, the lender may take several actions, including:

  • Reporting your delinquency to credit bureaus, which can negatively impact your credit score.
  • Charging late fees and penalties.
  • Initiating debt collection activities, such as contacting you via phone, mail, or email.
  • Taking legal action to recover the outstanding debt.

However, for you to avoid these consequences, it is essential to make your loan payments on time and communicate with Branch if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

How much loan can Branch give?

Branch offers loans ranging from N2,000 to N500,000, depending on your creditworthiness, income, and other factors. 

To determine the loan amount you qualify for, download the Branch app and apply for a loan. The app will evaluate your information and provide you with a loan offer.

What is the highest limit in Branch app?

The highest loan limit in the Branch app is N500,000. However, the actual loan amount you qualify for may depend on your financial situation and the app’s evaluation of your information.

Does Branch give instant loans? 

Yes, Branch provides instant loans through its mobile app.

Once you have downloaded the app and applied for a loan, the app will evaluate your information and provide you with a loan offer within minutes. 

If approved, the funds will be deposited into your Branch account, allowing you to access them immediately.

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