How To Get 5 Digit PIN For First Bank Transfer

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How To Get 5 Digit PIN For First Bank Transfer

First Bank of Nigeria has introduced a more secure means of safeguarding your financial transactions.

It’s just a 5-digit PIN but has the capability of protecting your funds.

This guide will walk you through the various methods of how to get 5 digit pin for first bank transfer.

Obtaining your 5-digit PIN, enabling you to conduct transfers effortlessly through channels such as USSD, FirstMobile app, FirstOnline internet banking, and ATMs.

Now let’s delve into exploring how to get 5 digit pin for first bank transfer easily.

How To Get 5 Digit PIN For First Bank Transfer

How To Get 5 Digit PIN For First Bank Transfer
How To Get 5 Digit PIN For First Bank Transfer

The following guide are instructions on how to get 5 digit pin for first bank transfer easily and hassle free;

Visit a First Bank Branch: Embark on the traditional route by visiting a nearby First Bank branch, where personalized assistance ensures a smooth process.

Request to open a First Bank transfer baccount or use your existing account.

Diligently fill out the application form, providing essential details such as your full name and account number.

In the application process, create a unique and secure 5-digit PIN designed to your preferences.

Following approval, anticipate a confirmation message containing your newly created 5-digit PIN.

USSD Code Method

Another method on how to get 5 digit pin for first bank transfer is through ussd code method.

For a more contemporary and convenient approach, you can opt for the USSD code *894*0# on your registered mobile number with First Bank. 

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Below is a step-by-step breakdown:

Begin the process by dialing *894*0# on your mobile device.

After that, follow the prompts to setup your 5-digit PIN.

With this, you don’t necessarily need to visit any bank branch.

Using Your 5-Digit PIN for First Bank Transfers

After you have successfully created your 5-digit PIN, you can start carrying out seamless transactions.

Here let me show you how to use your 5-digit pin for first bank transfer;

Dial 894amountrecipient’s account number# from your registered mobile number to initiate a transfer.

Input your 5-digit PIN when prompted, ensuring the security of the transaction.

Confirm the transaction, including the recipient’s name and the designated amount.

As a testament to the money transferred successfully, a confirmation message will promptly notify you of the successful transfer.

FAQs On How To Get 5 Digit PIN For First Bank Transfer

Here are some frequently asked questions on How To Get 5 Digit PIN For First Bank Transfer with answers to each questions:

What is a 5-digit PIN for First Bank transfer?

It stands as a unique and secure code, meticulously crafted during the account opening or transfer feature activation process, facilitating the authorization and completion of transfers.

How do I get a 5-digit PIN?

Choose between the personalized service of a First Bank branch visit or the modern convenience of dialing *894*0# on your registered mobile number.

Can I get the 5-digit PIN on a phone number not linked to the account?

Regrettably, for security reasons, this PIN is exclusive to the phone number linked to your account. In the event of loss, prompt action can be taken at the bank.

Can I use the same PIN for all my First Bank accounts?

No, each account mandates a distinct 5-digit PIN, underscoring the bank’s commitment to heightened security protocols.

What if I forget my 5-digit PIN?

You can attend to any concerns by promptly visiting a First Bank branch, where the friendly customer service representatives can carry out the PIN reset process.

Is there a transfer limit with the 5-digit PIN?

Indeed, First Bank implements daily transaction limits for transfers facilitated through the 5-digit PIN. For precise details, refer to the bank or consult their official website.

Can you have a 5-digit PIN number?

Yes, the First Bank 5-digit PIN is a security feature for authorizing and completing transfers. 

It is a unique 5-digit numerical code created by the account holder during the account opening process or activation of the transfer feature.

How do I activate my Access Bank transfer code?

To activate your Access Bank transfer code, dial *901# on the phone number linked to your Access Bank account. Follow the prompts to set up your transfer code and complete the activation process.

What is the code for First Bank transfer?

The code for First Bank transfer through USSD is *894#. Dial this code from your registered mobile number, follow the prompts, and choose the appropriate options to initiate transfers, check balances, or perform other banking activities.

How do I get an Access Bank OTP code?

To receive an OTP (One-Time Password) from Access Bank, ensure your mobile number registered with the bank is active. The OTP is usually sent via SMS when initiating certain transactions or activities, providing an additional layer of security.

 If you encounter issues, contact Access Bank customer service for assistance.

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