How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones 2024

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How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones 2024

Are you facing restrictions on your Android phone due to the Easybuy Security Plugin? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll explore why Easybuy installs this plugin, the consequences of non-payment, and most importantly, how to remove it and regain control of your device.

What Is Easybuy Security Plugin?

Easybuy, a buy-now-pay-later loan company, aims to make smartphones accessible through installment payments.

To reduce the risk of default, they install the Easybuy Security Plugin on your new phone. 

This plugin not only acts as a reminder for pending payments but also has the capability to lock your phone, restricting various functionalities until the debt is settled.

Consequences of Non-Payment

If you find your phone locked by the Easybuy Security Plugin, it likely means you have not fulfilled your payment obligations. 

In such a situation, you have several options to regain control of your device and that’s exactly what this article is primarily about. It entails How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones as mentioned earlier.

Now let’s see How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones 2024.

How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones
How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones

How To Remove Easybuy Security Plugin On Android Phones 2024

The following are the necessary steps you need to take if you really want to remove the easybuy security plugin on your android phone:

1. Settle Your Debt

The best and most straightforward solution is to pay off your remaining debt. 

Once the payment is processed, the security plugin will be deactivated, and you can use your phone freely. 

If you encounter any issues post-payment, consider seeking assistance from an Easybuy store.

2. Consult a Phone Engineer

In cases where the phone has changed ownership due to fraudulent activities, and you’re left dealing with the aftermath, a viable option is to consult a reputable phone repair shop. Explain the situation to the engineer and request a device flash to remove the Easybuy Security Plugin.

3. Contact Easybuy Customer Support

Another way on how to remove Easybuy security plugin on android phones in 2024 is to contact easybuy customer care support.

For a direct and official solution, reach out to Easybuy’s customer support. Whether through phone, email, or an in-person visit to their office, seek assistance to remove the security plugin. 

They will  definitely guide you through the necessary steps or provide direct support in resolving the issue.

Additional Tips for Uninstalling Easybuy Security Plugin

Removing security plugins can vary based on your device and the specific security app. Here are some general steps you can follow:

  1. Check Device Administrator Settings: Some security apps may require deactivation as a device administrator before uninstallation. Navigate to your device settings and disable it if necessary.
  2. Uninstalling the App: Once device administrator permissions are revoked, go to your app settings, locate Easybuy Security Plugin, and uninstall it.

Remember, it’s essential to follow the specific steps outlined for your device and the security app in question.

By understanding the reasons behind the Easybuy Security Plugin and following these practical steps, you can reclaim control of your Android phone and enjoy uninterrupted usage.

How To Flash Easybuy Phone Permanently

Flashing an Easybuy phone permanently involves removing the existing firmware and replacing it with new software. 

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However, you need to note that attempting to flash a phone may void warranties and could lead to unintended consequences. 

Ensure you have the necessary expertise or seek professional assistance. Here’s a general guide:


Download Necessary Tools: Obtain the appropriate firmware for your Easybuy phone model from a reliable source.

Download and install a flashing tool such as SP Flash Tool or Odin, depending on the phone’s make and model.

Backup Data: Before flashing, back up all important data on your phone, as the process will erase everything.

Charge Your Phone: Ensure your phone has sufficient battery power to avoid interruptions during the flashing process.

Steps to Flash Easybuy Phone:

Enable USB Debugging: On your Easybuy phone, go to Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number multiple times to enable Developer Options.

In Developer Options, enable USB Debugging.

Boot into Download or Fastboot Mode: Power off your phone. Depending on your phone model, enter Download or Fastboot mode. Usually done by holding specific key combinations (e.g., Power + Volume Down).

Connect Your Phone to the Computer: Use a USB cable to connect your Easybuy phone to your computer.

Open the Flashing Tool: Open the flashing tool you downloaded (SP Flash Tool, Odin, etc.).

Load Firmware: In the flashing tool, locate and load the firmware file you downloaded for your Easybuy phone.

Start the Flashing Process: Follow the instructions in the flashing tool to initiate the process. This may involve clicking a “Start” or “Flash” button.

Wait for Completion: Allow the tool to complete the flashing process. This may take some time.

Completion and Reboot: Once the process is complete, the tool will indicate success. Your phone will automatically reboot with the new firmware.

Notes: Ensure the firmware you download is specifically for your Easybuy phone model to prevent compatibility issues.

Flashing should only be done if you are confident in your ability to follow instructions and troubleshoot potential issues.

If you are not familiar with flashing, consider seeking assistance from a professional phone technician.

Remember that flashing a phone has inherent risks, and improper procedures may lead to bricking your device.

Always proceed with caution and seek professional help if you are unsure.

FAQs On How To Remove Easybuy Security Plugin On Android Phones

Here are some helpful frequently asked questions on How to Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones with answers:

How do I remove plugin security?

To remove a security plugin, locate the app in your Android device’s settings. Navigate to “Settings” > “Security” (or a similar section) and find the security plugin. 

Tap on it and select the option to uninstall or deactivate. Some security plugins may require you to revoke their device administrator permissions before uninstalling.

How do I uninstall Easybuy security plugin?

To uninstall the Easybuy security plugin, go to your Android device’s settings, find the security section, and locate the Easybuy security plugin.

Disable it and proceed to uninstall it. If you encounter difficulties, contact Easybuy customer support for guidance.

What is a security plugin?

A security plugin is an application installed on a device to enhance security measures. 

In the context of Easybuy, the security plugin serves as a precautionary measure to secure the device in case of payment default. 

It may restrict access to certain features and act as a reminder for pending payments.

What will Easybuy do to defaulters?

If you default on your Easybuy payments, the security plugin allows Easybuy to remotely access your phone and restrict its usage. 

This could include disabling features like making phone calls, accessing the internet, and playing media. 

To resolve the issue, it is recommended to settle the outstanding debt by making the required payments.

What happens if I don’t pay my Easybuy loan?

If you fail to make payments on your Easybuy loan, the security plugin installed on your phone can be activated, limiting your access to the device. 

You may lose functionality, such as making regular phone calls, accessing the internet, or using certain apps.

Resolving the situation involves either paying off the debt or seeking assistance from Easybuy customer support.

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