Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x, Reviews (2024)

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Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x, Reviews

Sun King is by far the most prominent solar system in Nigeria as of 2023. With Sun King, the ego of NEPA agents have reduced in most communities. Who knows what the future holds!

You can be the one to begin the reduction of NEPA’s ego in your community and Sun King solar can help you achieve that. 

In this article, we’ll be looking into the Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x reviews . Having purchased any of these you can stop bothering about NEPA light.

Without further Ado, let’s delve in right now.

Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x, Reviews (2024)

Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x, Reviews
Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x, Reviews

Sun King Home 600 Solar Price In Nigeria

The Sun King Home 600 on is one of the Sun King most powerful Solar systems. This system is available with a 32 inches TV at a price of N245,000 for outright purchase. 

However , if you prefer a more flexible payment option, Easybuy offers the Home 600 package for N318,000. If you prefer this Easy Buy option, you can make a deposit of N30,000, and then pay N4,800 weekly for 60 weeks.

This is a more flexible way to power up your home.

You can locate any Sun King office near you and opt-in for the Easy Buy option. 

Sun King Home 400 Solar Price In Nigeria 2024

Sun King Solar 400 offers an affordable option for home energy solutions in Nigeria. The full price for this system is N125,000, excluding installation charges. 

Alternatively, if an outright purchase is challenging, installment payments are available.

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For those looking to power a TV with the Sun King Solar 400, the complete package on Easybuy is priced at N233,000.

A down payment of NGN25,000 is required, in addition to installation charges. 

Choose the option that best suits your energy needs and financial preferences.

Sun King Solar 200x Price In Nigeria 2024

Currently, the smallest of all Sun King Solar is the 200x size. It comes with 3 fluorescent light, phone charging option. The outright purchase price is N72,000 while you can get it on Easybuy for N85,100. 

For Easybuy option, you will be required to make a down payment of N12,000 and minimum weekly payment of N1,200+ for 36 weeks.

To get started, kindly locate any Sun King solar office near you and request for Easybuy option. A representative will be glad to help.

FAQs On Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x, Reviews

Here are some helpful frequently asked questions on Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 200x, Reviews with answers:

How long does SunKing solar last?

SunKing solar products have a long lifespan, usually around 5-8 years for the battery and up to 10 years for the solar panel. 

However, the actual lifespan can vary based on usage and maintenance.

How many watts is home 600?

The SunKing Home 600 is a solar home system with a power output of 6 watts, making it suitable for lighting, phone charging, and powering small appliances.

What is the difference between SunKing Home 400 and Home 600?

The difference between the SunKing Home 400 and Home 600 lies in their power output. 

The Home 400 has a power output of 4 watts, while the Home 600 has a power output of 6 watts, providing more capacity for powering appliances and charging devices.

How do you pay for SunKing solar?

Customers can pay for SunKing solar products and services through various channels such as mobile money, bank transfers, or at designated SunKing service centers. 

Specific payment options may vary depending on the location and the partnership agreements with local payment providers.

What is the pay bill of SunKing?

The pay bill for SunKing solar products and services will depend on your location and the specific payment platform or service provider you are using.

It’s recommended to check with SunKing’s official channels or your payment provider for the relevant pay bill information.

How do I contact SunKing in Nigeria?

To contact SunKing in Nigeria, you can find contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses on the official SunKing website or official communication options.

Also, you can reach out to local SunKing partners or authorized distributors for support and inquiries.

How does pay my bill work?

The “pay my bill” process for SunKing solar products generally involves accessing your payment account through a designated platform, such as mobile money or online banking, and initiating the payment for your SunKing solar services or products. 

The specific steps and options for paying your bill may vary based on the region and the available payment methods.


SunKing Solar stands tall as a reliable provider of high-quality solar products in Nigeria. 

This article has provided a detailed overview of some of the standout products, showcasing their prices, specifications, and features.

With SunKing Solar, customers not only embrace clean and renewable energy but also invest in durable and trustworthy solutions. 

As you embark on your solar journey, remember to consider your specific needs and carefully explore the features of each SunKing product.

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