How To Get PayForce POS – Charges, Daily Limit, Price, Customer Care Number, Office address

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How To Get PayForce POS – Charges, Daily Limit, Price, Customer Care Number, Office address

Payforce is one of the outstanding financial technology companies (Fintech) in Nigeria that offers a point-of-sale (POS) system designed to help businesses manage their sales transactions, inventory, and customer data. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at an extensive guide on how to get PayForce POS – charges, daily limit, price, customer care number, office address likewise answers to some frequently asked questions I believe might help.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to take your time therefore let’s delve straight into the main content.

How To Get PayForce POS – Charges, Daily Limit, Price, Customer Care Number, Office address

How To Get PayForce POS - Charges, Daily Limit, Price, Customer Care Number, Office address
How To Get PayForce POS – Charges, Daily Limit, Price, Customer Care Number, Office address

How To Get Payforce POS Machine In Nigeria

Here, I have provided detailed but simple guide on how to get Payforce POS Machine in Nigeria, you can explore it below:

Download and Install Payforce App Beta: Begin by downloading and installing the Beta version of the Payforce App from the Play Store on your device.

Create or Update Your Account: Ensure all required information is provided to create or update your Payforce account within the app. 

This step may involve entering personal and business details for account verification.

Log In to the Payforce App: Open the Payforce App and log in using the credentials associated with your account.

Go to Settings: Within the app interface, locate and select the “Settings” option to access the configuration menu.

Request POS Terminal: Under the Settings menu, you’ll find the option to “Request POS Terminal.” Click on this option to proceed with the application process.

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Complete Google Form: A Google form will be provided for you to fill out. Enter all the necessary details requested in the form. 

This might include business information, contact details, and any other specifics required for processing.

Submit the Form: After completing the form, submit it through the app. 

This action signals the initiation of the process to obtain the Payforce POS terminal.

Review and Confirmation: Once the form is submitted, Payforce will likely review the provided information. 

You may receive a confirmation email or notification regarding the status of your POS terminal request.

Follow Up if Needed: In case there are any follow-up actions required or additional information needed, Payforce will communicate with you through the contact details provided during the application process.

By diligently following these steps, you can efficiently navigate the Payforce App to request and potentially receive the POS terminal for your business needs.

PayForce POS Charges 

PayForce POS charges competitive rates for transaction processing. 

I have provided a breakdown of the charges based on the transaction amount below:

For transactions of N1,000, PayForce applies a charge of N5.

For transactions above N20,000, a charge of N100 is applied.

Additionally, there is a flat rate of N25 applied to transactions carried out using PayForce POS.

PayForce POS Daily Limit 

It’s beneficial to know that PayForce POS does not impose a daily limit on agents’ transactions. 

This flexibility enables agents to seamlessly carry out transactions without being constrained by daily limits, providing a smooth experience for both the agents and their customers. 

This lack of a daily limit can contribute to operational efficiency and the ability to conduct business without concerns about hitting transaction caps.

PayForce POS Machine Price 

The PayForce POS machine is available at a relatively affordable price, making it an accessible option for individuals looking to start a POS business in Nigeria. 

As of now, the PayForce POS machine is priced at N20,000, which positions it as a cost-effective choice compared to other POS machines available in the market.

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This affordability can potentially lower the barrier to entry for individuals seeking to venture into the POS business, thereby expanding opportunities for entrepreneurship and financial services in the region.

Payforce Customer Care Number 

Should you need assistance or have inquiries, you can reach out to them at +234 818 0000 553. 

They should be able to provide you with the support and information you require.

Payforce Customer Care Office Address

The office address for Payforce customer care is No. 19A, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. 

If you need to visit their office or send any correspondence, this address should be useful for reaching out to Payforce customer care.

FAQs On How To Get PayForce POS – Charges, Daily Limit, Price, Customer Care Number, Office Address 

The following are some frequently asked questions on how to get PayForce POS – charges, daily limit, Price, customer care number, office address with answers:

Is Payforce POS legit?

Payforce POS is a legitimate point of sale system used for processing payments. 

It is a recognized and trusted platform for conducting financial transactions, and many individuals and businesses use their services with confidence.

What is a Payforce agent? 

A Payforce agent is an individual or entity authorized to carry out financial transactions on behalf of Payforce. 

These agents facilitate the use of Payforce services, such as processing payments, money transfers, and other financial activities, often within their local communities.

Does FairMoney have a POS machine?

Yes, FairMoney, a financial technology company, provides POS machines to enable users to carry out cashless transactions conveniently. 

These POS machines can be used for accepting payments through cards, mobile wallets, or other digital payment methods.

How to use a POS? 

To use a POS machine, follow these general steps:

Enter the amount of the transaction on the POS terminal.

Present the customer’s card or payment method to the POS machine.

The customer may need to input their PIN or provide a signature to authorize the transaction.

Once the payment is approved, the POS machine will print a receipt for the customer and complete the transaction.

Who is the owner of Payforce?

Payforce is a product of a company called Unified Payments, which is a leading payments and financial technology company in Nigeria. 

Unified Payments is known for providing innovative and secure payment solutions to individuals and businesses.

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