How Much is Startimes Decoder? Decoder Price, Subscription Packages, and More

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How Much is Startimes Decoder? Decoder Price, Subscription Packages, and More

Startimes is a popular digital terrestrial television (DTT) service provider that offers a wide range of channels and services to its customers. With a Startimes decoder, How Much is Startimes Decoder? you can enjoy access to various local and international channels, including news, entertainment, sports, documentaries, and more. If you’re considering getting a Startimes decoder, you might be wondering about its cost and affordability. In this article, we’ll explore the price of Startimes decoder, subscription packages How Much is Startimes Decoder?, and other relevant details to help you make an informed decision.

In the world of digital television, Startimes has emerged as a leading provider of DTT services. With its innovative decoder, viewers can enjoy a diverse selection of channels and content without the need for a satellite dish. Startimes offers a range of subscription packages to cater to different viewing preferences and budgets.

 What is Startimes Decoder?

A Startimes decoder is a device that allows users to receive digital television signals and access a wide variety of channels. It serves as a link between the television and the broadcast signals, enabling viewers to enjoy high-quality digital content without the need for a satellite dish. The Startimes decoder comes with a remote control and offers interactive features such as program guides, parental controls, and electronic program reminders.

Benefits of Startimes Decoder

Access to a Wide Range of Channels

One of the significant advantages of having a Startimes decoder is the extensive range of channels available. Startimes offers both local and international channels, ensuring that viewers have access to diverse content. Whether you’re interested in news, movies, sports, or educational programs, Startimes has channels to cater to your preferences.

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High-Quality Digital Reception

Startimes decoder provides users with excellent digital reception, delivering crisp and clear images and sound. Unlike traditional analog TV signals, which are prone to interference and poor reception, Startimes utilizes digital technology to ensure a superior viewing experience.

Affordable Subscription Packages

Startimes offers subscription packages at affordable prices How Much is Startimes Decoder?, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. The subscription plans are designed to suit various budgets and viewing needs, allowing users to choose the package that best aligns with their preferences.

Interactive Features and Services

Startimes decoder provides interactive features and services that enhance the viewing experience. These include an electronic program guide (EPG) that displays program schedules, parental controls for content restriction, and the ability to set reminders for favorite programs.

How Much is Startimes Decoder?

Decoder Price

How Much is Startimes Decoder? varies depending on the model and any ongoing promotions. On average, the cost of a Startimes decoder ranges between N11,200 and N13,200. It’s worth noting that prices may differ across regions and countries, so it’s advisable to check with local Startimes retailers for accurate pricing information.

Subscription Packages and Costs

Startimes offers different subscription packages to cater to various viewing needs. The packages are available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The monthly subscription cost starts at Nova Bouquet – ₦900 per month,Basic Bouquet – ₦1,700 per month, Classic Bouquet – ₦2,500 per month , while the quarterly and annual plans offer discounted rates.

Additional Costs and Charges

In addition to the decoder price and subscription costs, there might be some additional charges associated with Startimes services. These may include activation fees, installation charges, and possible fees for additional features or premium channels. It’s essential to consider these factors when budgeting for a Startimes decoder.

Where to Buy Startimes Decoder

Startimes decoders can be purchased from various sources, including Startimes outlets, online platforms, and authorized retailers. Here are some options to consider:How Much is Startimes Decoder?

Startimes Outlets

How Much is Startimes Decoder?

Startimes has its outlets in different cities and towns, where you can purchase the decoder directly. Visit the Startimes website or contact their customer service to locate the nearest outlet in your area.

Online Platforms

Startimes decoders are also available for purchase on reputable online platforms. These platforms often offer convenient delivery options, making it easier for customers to receive their decoder at their doorstep.How Much is Startimes Decoder?

Authorized Retailers

Authorized retailers and electronics stores may stock Startimes decoders. It’s advisable to purchase from authorized retailers to ensure the authenticity of the product and access to after-sales support.How Much is Startimes Decoder?

 Factors to Consider Before Buying Startimes Decoder

Before purchasing a Startimes decoder, there are a few factors you should consider:

Coverage and Signal Strength

Check the coverage map provided by Startimes to ensure that the service is available in your area. Additionally, consider the signal strength in your location to ensure reliable reception.

Channel Selection and Content Offering

Review the channel lineup of the Startimes decoder to ensure it includes the channels you are interested in. Look for the availability of local channels, international channels, and specific genres that align with your viewing preferences.How Much is Startimes Decoder?

Customer Support and After-Sales Service

Consider the reputation of Startimes in terms of customer support and after-sales service. Look for reviews and feedback from existing customers to gauge their satisfaction levels.How Much is Startimes Decoder?

Decoder Features and Compatibility

Evaluate the features offered by different Startimes decoder models. Consider factors such as HD compatibility, recording capabilities, and connectivity options to ensure the decoder meets your specific requireme. How Much is Startimes Decoder?


1.Can I use a Startimes decoder without an active subscription?

No, an active subscription is required to access the channels and services offered by Startimes.

2. Are there any hidden charges apart from the decoder and subscription costs?

There may be additional charges for activation, installation, and premium channels. It’s advisable to inquire about these costs before making a purchase.

3. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Startimes subscription package?

Yes, Startimes allows customers to upgrade or downgrade their subscription package as per their preferences.

4. Is it possible to record programs with a Startimes decoder?

Some Startimes decoder models offer recording capabilities. Check the specifications of the decoder to confirm if it supports recording.

5.What happens if I move to a different location? Can I still use my Startimes decoder?

Startimes coverage and channel availability may vary by location. It’s advisable to check the coverage map or contact customer support when relocating to ensure continued service.


In conclusion, a Startimes decoder offers an affordable and convenient way to access digital television content. With its wide range of channels, interactive features, and high-quality reception, Startimes provides an enjoyable viewing experience. The price of a Startimes decoder varies depending on the model, and subscription packages are available at different costs. Consider the factors discussed in this article before making a purchase to ensure that the Startimes decoder meets your specific requirements and preferences.

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